Traditional Church Wedding Processional Appleby College
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Traditional Church Wedding Processional Appleby College

This was a traditional church wedding processional in Oakville at picturesque Appleby College School Chapel

It doesn't matter how unique your style is in wedding photography, there are certain basic 'must-haves' that have to be done right - no matter how dark the church, how difficult the weather, and how tight the reception is. My respect for the ceremony is paramount - the view of the bride and groom's ceremony shouldn't be distracted by an over-enthusiastic photographer. I take particular care to use enhanced lighting when needed (and allowed) and the existing light in the church during all the important aspects of the ceremony. It is always a pleasure to be warmly thanked by the minister for my discretion, and respectful carrying out of my duties during the ceremony.

Location: Applby College School 540 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville, ON L6K 3P1 (905) 845-4681.