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Wedding Photography info and FAQs

Information and frequently asked questions Toronto wedding family and portrait photographer Storey Wilkins at Storey Wilkins Photography

Weddings: Book Your Photographer

Book Your wedding photographer here with facts frequently asked questions availability fees and more at Storey Wilkins Photography

A Helpful Solution to Rescheduling your Wedding Day

So many Toronto weddings were postponed during COVID-19 and many couples are rethinking the format of the rescheduled wedding with smaller shorter events.

Weddings: COVID-19 Policy

The COVID-19 Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy for Storey Wilkins Photography with generous accommodations for wedding and event date changes.

Weddings: Helpful Tips

Planning a wedding day means making time for photographs. Here are sample timelines to help you decide how long you would like Storey at your wedding.

Weddings: FAQs

Toronto wedding photographer Storey Wilkins answers couple's frequently asked questions about the photography on the wedding day.

Weddings: Prices

Find detailed information here about wedding photography services and fees for Toronto photographer Storey Wilkins and her thoughtful emotional photographs

Weddings: Why Albums Matter

Toronto photographer Storey Wilkins explains why wedding albums matter so much to her clients and why in a digital age a physical album is a must-have