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Love Story of Andrea & Ken

Enjoying the Moment & Embracing All Life Has to Offer

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Meet one of my brides, Andrea. I have had the honour of photographing Andrea’s family’s special milestones. Her appreciation for all that she has in life is obvious, and her energy is something to be admired. She loves being a mom and when she looks at her life, she tells me, “I got what I always wanted in life, and am eternally blessed.”

First Year Classic Timeless Baby Portrait

Andrea and her husband Ken found me when they were looking for wedding venues. They came across our photo book at the Granite Club, and they knew that they wanted us to be the ones to photograph their special day. “Storey is so talented - she captures real smiles, real laughter.” said Andrea. “My family and I were bawling our eyes out looking at that wedding album.”

Portrait Fun with Popcorn

Since their wedding, Andrea and Ken have invited me to photograph maternity and baby sessions of their three children - Ollie, Ben, and Emma. We have also done 6 month shoots with each of their children. I was particularly tickled when Andrea recalled a favourite moment during one of our photo shoots: “Storey got all these amazing pictures of them running down the hall.” said Andrea, “The giggles and screeches of delight are captured, and they melt my heart….I trust Storey with our photos, and I think capturing these moments are always so important, but especially while our kids are young.”

Professional Family Photography can be Fun

Andrea has learned that sometimes in life, with little kids, the days may seem long, but the years are short. Time flies. “Ollie went from being a little boy to being a boy...he’s suddenly so grown up.” said Andrea. “I never want to look back and say ‘I wish I had played with my kids more.’” Her sister encouraged her to write down some of the quotes and moments of her children’s innocence in a book, saying “‘You think you’ll never forget these super cute and innocent things they say. But my husband and I wrote them down, and, when we went back to read the book, we couldn’t stop laughing.”

In addition to the busy routine of family life, Andrea is also busy with her career. After working in human resources for many years, Andrea decided to obtain her certification for Career Assessment so that she could help people in a way that she felt very passionately about. She started a new business called O2xygenation that will teach and develop life skills for individuals, families and corporations to help them through times of change and choice. With so much going on, Andrea is grateful to have her amazingly supportive husband and family behind her. “My husband Ken is so hands-on. He deserves a medal!” said Andrea.

Living the Good Life and Chillin' On the Bed

I have so enjoyed photographing Andrea and Ken’s special events and look forward to many more. It is a great joy to develop lasting relationships with the lovely people I photograph, and to learn from them. It is not only Andrea and her family’s enthusiasm that breathes through each photograph, but warmth in every conversation we have. We have kept some of Andrea’s words of wisdom in mind that I’d like to share with you: “When it gets tough, we chose to laugh, not to cry. I try to make decisions by thinking ‘what am I going to remember the most at the end of my life.’ And I truly believe in the laws of attraction. If you think positive thoughts, positive things will happen!” A Walk in the Woods Wishes To All For Many More Years of Positivity!