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The Power of a Great Wedding Album

by Storey Wilkins August 1, 2019

I believe in the power of print. Every time I walk into my home I am greeting by the warmth and love of my family’s smiling faces, in both the framed prints on my walls and the timeless albums I have made over the years. This would not be possible if I had left my most important photographs on hard drives.

I believe that everyone has a great story and that stories deserve to be preserved in print. As a Toronto wedding photographer I have a wonderful opportunity to capture not only the most important moments of my clients' lives but also to approach those moments with the skill of a storyteller.

A photographic album is something that will be handed down to your children and grandchildren. Your photographer likely considers it a great honor, and a great skill, to be able to create images with the intention of telling your story through a beautiful album.

Your photographer will hopefully record your wedding day with the intention of making an album with a great story, your story, in fact the best version of your story. If the photographer just shot to make a few awe inspiring images to satisfy your social media needs, it would be a very short, and less interesting story.

So what makes a great story? In short, a beginning, middle and end where the characters are made familiar, the emotional variants are revealed, and the plot moves quickly with a few unique twists until the end when you are left feeling connected to the story in an unforgettable way.

However, it is not enough to fill your wedding album with wonderful photographs. It also needs to be designed with great care and finesse so that the right images are used in the right place and presented in the right way.

The transitions between the scenes must be clear and the album as a whole must appear cohesive. This is done by careful use of color and tone, lighting, focal length, locations, emotions, characters and details and story line.

In addition, there are certain no-no's in album design, such as no key lines, no drop shadows, no funky borders, no tilted images and no distracting "scrapbook" like effects. They key is to make every spread clean, elegant and timeless so that the images leap off the page, not the effects. You never want your grand kids to look at the album in future and say, "whoa this is SO 2019!". You want the album to feel timeless.

A great wedding photographer stands apart from the crowd by not only capturing lovely storytelling images, but by shooting for the big picture and then funneling that story into print in a timeless elegant and very well-crafted wedding album (and ideally an album created locally)…in essence by telling the BEST version of your story.

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