Storey Wilkins Photography

The Five Senses of a Wedding Day

Have you ever wondered what makes some weddings so beautiful? They stand out above the rest and leave you feeling alive and full of happiness. While the most basic and necessary ingredient for a magical wedding is JOY, there are other essential elements to consider.

Anything that heightens the five senses at a wedding will add to its "je ne said quoi"...that "somethin' somethin'" secret sauce...

Tastes Smells Sounds Touch & Sights

It starts with great smells (i.e flowers, grass, fresh air) and flavours (delicious canapés, signature cocktails and of course the ever popular dessert bars). Combine these with the sounds of the day (laughter, great music, meaningful vows and speeches) and the tactile sensations (the fabric of a beautiful dress, the warmth of your date's hand, the linens and chair covers) and you have the makings for a really lovely sensory experience for your guests. Top it off with a visual feast of the colours, shapes, composition and flow of the ceremony site, cocktail area and reception space and your will have given your guests an unforgettable day.

Toronto Specialists

As a wedding photographer I have the great privilege of recording all of these wedding day senses so that my clients can treasure their memories forever. Yet these incredible creations don't just appear. They are carefully imagined and crafted by the experts. Here in Toronto I have seen the visions of incredible artists come to life wedding after wedding, always inspiring and appreciated.

Watch this details reel and be inspired by the works of The Event Boutique, Forget me Not Flowers, Stemz, Creations by Gita, Amanda Fong Cakes, Graydon Hall Catering, and many many many others... Please contact me for a list of incredible event planners that will help you achieve your story.