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Creating an Editorial

24 Carat Events - An Inspirational (and winning!) Literary Love Wedluxe Photoshoot

I wanted a chance to profile some wonderful ladies that David and I had the pleasure of working with for a shoot a few months back. Sister-in-law's Kailee and Amanda, also known as 24 Carat Events, asked us to photograph their second style shoot for WedLuxe Magazine.

I initially met Kailee and Amanda about four years ago, when they started their business. They were looking for photographers to meet and greet in the city on behalf of their clients. As time passed, we were finally able to work together on this styled shoot with them, and then parted ways.

"In these styled shoots", Kailee and Amanda explain, "WedLuxe sends out themed requests to vendors, who have to come up with a concept, get a team together, pick the stationary, the cake, the dress, etc… WedLuxe likes for there to be a cohesive story. Since we had already done one successful (and featured ) shoot for WedLuxe called Colours of Capri, we knew we had to create something above and beyond working with their theme, Literary Love."

Working with Kailee and Amanda was so much fun because they love to go outside of the box. When coming up for ideas for this shoot, Kailee and Amanda were working towards using a traditional love story that added something new. There can be a feeling in this industry that it has all been done, so adding a twist to spice things up was a must! They eventually settled on a biblical theme, with the mindset that the Story of Adam and Eve would be the perfect fit for this shoot!

This shoot was a pleasure to be a part of, and David and I got really into it. Kailee had to remind us to eat some lunch, we were enjoying ourselves so much. One thing that stood out for me was that the model wore a snake! Thankfully, she was comfortable enough with the snake that we were able to get great dynamic shots. What an opportunity

I know that the 24 Carat Event Team wanted to showcase the creativity and skill that it took to put the shoot together, and make something that would really appeal to the readers. Amanda and Kailee put it best: "This theme combined with details like a beautiful snake pattern itself is so unique for weddings, we felt confident that it would be something that people would love to look at."

What you may not know is that Kailee and Amanda are sister-in-laws, as their husbands are brothers. They like to joke that they are each other's daytime wives. With a family first approach, they started with Kosher Catering. Meeting people in the community, and becoming known for doing work that they loved lead to a natural progress to event management, pulling everything (plus food!) together.

Their wonderful story continues, with them next reaching out to Chef and Entrepreneur Mark McEwan, with whom they started to collaborate on Kosher Catering. Kailee and Amanda would be the front of the house and McEwan's would be the back. The idea was a smash, and they have all been partnered for three and a half years. This partnership segued into a second complementary business called N24 Kosher (LINK?)- which partners with North 44 Restaurant to cater events.

Kailee and Amanda really impress me with their, creativity, business savvy, and passion for what they do. 24 Carat Events is just the two of them, and although they do bring in assistance, you can tell that they put a personal touch on everything they work on. That kind of dedication is amazing! They tell me that their goals are to continue to love what they are doing, build their community up more, and do more events and shoots. What more could you ask for?


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