Porch Portraits Toronto:  Lawrence Park on a Sunny Day
Storey Wilkins Photography

Porch Portraits Toronto: Lawrence Park Families

Every time I arrive in front of a home for a safe porch portrait, I am so pleased to meet a new and lovely family like this one.

With my telephoto lenses, a very safe distance from my subjects in the era of physical distancing, I capture the best side of reality of being home during a pandemic. Instead of taking a photojournalistic approach a looking for a reality-bites angle, I aim for tons of smiles, cuddles, hugs and laughter. It’s the opposite of a news story kind of photograph. It’s a very personal, very joyful account of what happy moments look like for Toronto families.

Book your porch portrait session here. 15 minutes. $100 plus tax. Three high resolution images to download and enjoy. Additional images and prints may be purchased separately.

Location: Lawrence Park, Toronto.