Toronto Photographer - Storey Wilkins Photography
Winter Family Photo by Storey Wilkins
Three Generation Annual Family Portrait at the Farm
Early Spring Snowfall in Toronto Backyard
Three generation family portrait Creemore
family photography by Storey Wilkins Paletta Mansion
Rainy day Toronto Family Portrait Lawrence Park
Storey Wilkins Photography First Steps for Baby
Kawarthas cottage country family portrait
Playing Airplane on the Bed by Storey Wilkins
Three Generation Cottage Portrait in Ontario
The Originals:  A Timeless Portrait
Story Time with Storey Wilkins for Great Family Moments
Fall Colours Family Portrait Sunnybrook Toronto
Kid and Teen Portraits by Storey Wilkins Photography
Storey Wilkins Timeless Family Portrait
Family Portrait in a Meadow
Playing Peek a Boo Games with their Little One
A Christmas Portrait in Downtown Toronto
Spring Flowers and Mommy Cuddles
Toronto Mother and Daughter Cherished Bond

Family Portraits for Toronto's Loveliest Families

For parents across the GTA, who want professional photographs of your family, its time to get into your own story, I will provide heartwarming photographs capturing the very special love in your life, that you will be proud of today and forever, because I have over 20 years of award winning experience photographing love.

Scroll down for more information, and book a professional photo shoot for your family today. I am highly skilled at creating beautiful photographs of your pregnancy (maternity), newborn, baby, kids, families (small and big) and multi-generation photographs.

Family portraits are not just photographs, they are acts of love. There is no better way to cherish the present and remember the past.

"Well, you’ve done it again! I went from laughing out loud at some of the true moments that were captured (the ones of us falling over on the bed are classic!!!), to crying at the beauty of my amazing family." Andrea & Ken

As a mother, I understand just how much you love your family, and how important it is to select the best professional photographer you can to capture that love in photographs.

I provide a full service capture-to-print experience so that you can preserve your best memories in both ready-to-share high resolution digital images as well as beautiful custom printed art pieces for you home. All sessions include a private online gallery, quick turnaround time and a follow up in-person sales meeting with me to order your favourite framed prints, wall galleries, albums, and gifts for your loved ones.

Ages and Stages

Why are you considering hiring a photographer right now? Whether you are celebrating an occasion or celebrating the moments in between, it would be my pleasure to photograph your family. Milestones and moments that I often document include:

  • Your Pregnancy (maternity)
  • Welcoming your Newborn
  • When your Baby is 6-8 Months Old
  • As your Toddler begins to Walk
  • A Birthday (at any age)
  • Your Immediate Family
  • Your Multi-Generation Family
  • ...and of course all the beautiful average days in between.

Get in your Own Story

There is always one member of the family who takes most of the photographs, therefore rarely appearing in any herself. For your family portrait I keep things light and fun as I create innovative and inspiring poses. I also capture playful genuine moments of your babies, children, siblings and your whole family (including you). I will make sure you get into your own family photographs, and the way you are posed and encouraged will result in photographs you love of yourself.

Your Choice of Location

I will work both inside your home or cottage and outside in your yard or local park all while combining modern and fresh ideas to capture each of you in your best light. You will feel the connection and love in your photographs. You will see your family's true beauty, and the background will be personal to you.

Great outdoor family photography for modern and with-it parents is something that very few midtown Toronto photographers do really well. I specialize in this by creating top quality images in any outdoor location. Family reunions at the park, children portraiture, weekend strolls are all wonderful events to have recorded beautifully.

"We can’t speak highly enough about her easy going yet professional demeanor, attention to detail, patience, and flexibility." Nigel & Danielle

A Recipe for Success

Storey's efficient and fun 90 minute lifestyle portrait sessions have three parts (30 minutes each):

  • Part One: Great Group Portraits (all of you together smiling, looking relaxed and happy in flattering positions)

  • Part Two: Timeless Moments (games, laughs, reading, cuddling, walking, and other fun activities and out takes that capture the essence of your family spirit)

  • Part Three: Adorable Portraits of the Kids (where you get to sit back and watch as I capture priceless expressions and nuances of each of your kids).

  • Ad-On: "Granny Cam" Interested in including your parents to join in? Add a 30 minute segment to your session to include your parents for a wonderful three generation portrait.

  • Ad-On: "Teen-Wow" Have a teen or tween that is secretly dying for a Instagram worthy portrait of him or herself? Add a 30 minute segment to your session so that Storey can create a wow-factor editorial style portrait of your teen.

The Art of Storytelling

Any photographer should be able to produce one cute photo of your child, but can they perform well enough to exceed your expectations in your home environment and under your particular circumstances? Can they tell your story? I can!

To every portrait session I bring:

  • 20+ years of experience photographing people in all circumstances including weddings (long considered one of the most challenging forms of photography),
  • The patience and understanding of a mom, and
  • The 100% guarantee that you will love your photographs.

My goal is to give you a collection of images that will make you so happy you will shed tears. I look forward to creating a wonderful set of photographs for you.

"A look, an expression - pure gold! The proof is in the wondrous looks we get when people see her photos hanging on our wall." David & Stacey


I proudly serve every neighbourhood across the Greater Toronto Area. I am happy to travel to you wherever you are. In the summer months I regularly travel to Muskoka, Georgian Bay, The City of the Kawarthas and Haliburton to photograph families enjoying time together at the cottage.

I create beautiful family photographs. Whether you are celebrating an occasion or celebrating the moments in between, it would love to photograph your family. My goal is to give you a collection of images that will make you so happy you will shed tears.

From the session to the finished prints, I bring you the art of storytelling so that you can treasure your family’s great moments and share your story for generations to come.

Fall Colours

The months of October and November are the only months to book your family portrait session if you are looking for great and colourful nature in the background. Specifically, if you want to see beautiful yellows, greens, reds and oranges on the trees in the background of your photographs then be sure to schedule your session with Storey during this time. There are some great locations for fall colours across the GTA. I have prepared a list of the best Toronto locations for family photos in the fall. Read more here.

The Annual Family Portrait

Many of Storey's clients hire her each year to update their family portrait. Not only is this great for their holiday cards, grandparent gifts and their social media accounts, Storey finds these families love the comfort that comes with knowing they have much-loved photographs of their family from every year since the kids were born. Read all about the why's and hows of the annual family portrait.

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