Ledbury Park Portrait North Toronto
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Ledbury Park Portrait North Toronto

These kids made a wonderful, natural group for me at Ledbury Park in North Toronto.

When you are preparing for a family photography session, it's often a case of where? We aren't always looking for sunshine - particularly when it's right overhead. Often the light just in the shade of big tree or building is fantastic. And the space doesn't have to be enormous to be good. This was made in an overgrown strip not much bigger that what you see behind the hockey rink. My choice of lens and settings helped isolate the subjects and make them stand out from an otherwise unattractive background. The way I cropped the image removed that layer of discarded 'Tim's' cups that littered the ground, and my angle of view meant my small area became 'bigger'. This is why it's well worthwhile hiring an experienced professional photographer who knows the tips and techniques.

Location: Ledbury Park North Toronto 160 LEDBURY ST.